Production Guide - Your Demo

No Such Thing As A Bad Demo

iphone used for recording demo

The purpose of your demo is to provide us with enough information to base the arrangement and production on.

The sound quality or how well you sing or play is of no importance.

We receive demos ranging from just a vocal line sung into a mobile phone to a full, multi-instrument production and everything in between—all are equally good.

What To Send


Most demos are sent as mp3s attached to an email, but anything you find convenient would be fine.

  •  Audio files such as mp3 or m4a
  •  MIDI files
  •  Links to online audio or video
  •  Reference to existing tracks

From Demo To Master


After receiving your demo we'll get back to you with our ideas for the arrangement and production.

Once you're ready to go ahead we'll start work and keep you up to date with the progress.

When complete, we'll send you the mp3 version of the master for your approval. We're happy to make as many changes as you want until you're completely happy with the finished result.

In the clip below you can hear various examples of client demo tracks followed by the finished masters.

In the next section we'll take a look at the arrangement and recording.